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New York City is a major tourist attraction, and has thousands of taxi cabs offering their transportation services. Unfortunately, a great number of visitors and residents are injured each year while passengers in taxi cabs or are involved in collisions with taxi cabs. If you or a family member has been seriously injured in a taxi cab or limousine accident, contact a New York accident lawyer from the law offices of Fitzgerald and Fitzgerald, P.C., to find out if you are eligible to receive compensation for injuries and damages.

By law taxi cab drivers are liable for injuries they cause to passengers, bicyclists, pedestrians and other drivers and passengers. However, it’s not unheard of for taxi drivers to deny responsibility, claiming a pedestrian in the Bronx walked out in front of the cab on a red light or a driver ran through an intersection in Manhattan. Some of the most common causes for taxi cab accidents in the New York metropolitan area include:

If you were hit by a taxicab driver in Queens or were injured in a taxi cab collision in Staten Island, you have the right to make a New York taxi cab accident claim. Only a skilled New York accident attorney from our firm can help you with your case.

At the law offices of Fitzgerald & Fitzgerald, P.C., we are prepared to handle your New York taxicab accident lawsuit. Our lawyers are highly experienced in taxicab accidents, pedestrian and bicyclists hit by taxi cabs, and wrongful deaths. We will thoroughly investigate your case, talk to witnesses, look for evidence and pursue the compensation you deserve for medical costs, loss of income, emotional trauma and other damages. In addition, we will make sure the guilty party is held liable.

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If you suffered a taxicab accident in the City of New York, do not try to settle with the insurance companies on your own. Make sure you hire a skilled and qualified New York accident lawyer who is committed to obtain the most favorable compensation possible for your case.

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