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Many people seek Lasik eye surgery to correct their vision and enable them to see without glasses. However, in some cases the procedure is improperly preformed and the patient is left with worse vision as well as debilitating vision symptoms such as glare or halos. Laser eye surgery involves reshaping the cornea by cutting away tissue with a laser. Some individuals have tissue that is too thin to support Lasik surgery. Others have a condition called keracotonus and their corneas are the wrong shape to support a safe Lasik procedure. With this condition the cornea tissue first becomes very thin and then it develops a cone shape. Your Lasik surgeon should identify either of these conditions and inform you if you would not be a good candidate for the Lasik eye procedure. You should also tell your Lasik eye surgeon of any eye sensitivities you may have. If you have suffered complications following your Lasik eye procedure, contact an experienced New York lasik eye surgery accident lawyer for free consultation.

Lasik Eye injury may occur due to:

Lasik eye or PKR Surgery can become the grounds for a claim if you suffer complications due to the neglect or misjudgment of your surgeon. They are supposed to inform you of restrictions on your behavior for the week(s) following the procedure. This includes:

If you have had Lasik eye surgery or PKR surgery recently and you are now having problems with your vision, it may be due to your surgeon's negligence.

The surgeon's marketing may have also been misleading. A medical malpractice case against a Lasik eye surgeon appears stronger if the surgeon was using questionable marketing practices. The Federal Trade Act prohibits marketing that misleads consumers and convinces them to purchase a product on false grounds.

Their rules are:

1. Tell the truth. Don't misguide consumers about the benefits of your product by what you say directly or by the implications of your advertisement.

2. Tell all the truth. Don't leave out any information that is important for a consumer to understand.

3. Make sure you have proof that it is the truth. Have good evidence backing up any claim you make or imply.

The fact that you signed a consent form does not mean you cannot sue for malpractice. If the surgeon did not follow proper standards of care set by his or her peers, any injury resulting may fall under medical malpractice. These standards are the common practices of other Lasik surgeons in the state. Consult an experienced New York lasik eye surgery accident attorney for advice and don't let the surgeon convince you that they are not responsible for your current eye trouble. Although it can be difficult to prove that the surgeon was negligible or made an error in the procedure, a good New York accident lawyer can work with you to build a strong case. You can receive compensation for all past, present and future harm that is a direct result of the injury sustained in the Lasik procedure, including lost wages.

Seek Legal Counsel Following An Injury Caused By Lasik Eye Surgery

You should seek legal counsel from an experienced Lasik injury attorney. For a free consultation contact the Fitzgerald & Fitzgerald Law Firm.