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Injuries to children often have a long-lasting effect on their development and impact their future lives. Sometimes the full extent of their injury isn't realized until further down the line. An experienced New York children's injury attorney can help you to recover the compensation you deserve.

Injuries to children may include medical malpractice, accidents and illness developed as a result of vaccination. Seek legal counsel from a caring New York children's injury lawyer to ensure you reach an appropriate settlement or verdict.

Sometimes the only witnesses are other children. You should try to preserve any evidence quickly before their memory fades. You could record their account of what happened or write it down. You may also want to photographically document your child's injuries, if they are visible.

The opposing attorney will try to challenge your claims and you must be prepared to support your case, with an experienced New York children's injury lawyer representing you. Contact the Fitzgerald & Fitzgerald Law Firm for a free consultation with a New York child accident and injury attorney.

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