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With a vast population and high crime rate, false arrests take place on a regular basis in New York. Victims of false arrests and/or police brutality have civil rights that can be defended in a civil court by a skilled New York false arrest attorney. These lawsuits can be filed in state and federal courts. You may be entitled to punitive damages or even more if it can be proved in court that the officer’s action was malicious.

One common cause for false arrest is known as ‘subject profiling’. An example would be if a call were to come in that a black male had stolen a car in a certain area and police arrested the first black male they saw driving a car in that area. This could also be considered stereotyping or racism.

If you or someone you know have been unnecessarily mistreated, beaten, falsely accused, unlawfully detained, humiliated, falsely arrested or threatened by the police, you may have the right to collect money damages for your mistreatment. Please contact the Law Offices of Fitzgerald and Fitzgerald to discuss your case with an experienced New York false arrest lawyer from our law offices.

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