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Electric Shock Injury Attorney

Electric shock injury is usually caused by electric current entering the body through some man-made means or by lightning. The body is a good conductor for electricity so often times the individual who gets an electric shock sustains a severe injury. Electric shocks are the cause of about 1,000 deaths per year in the United States, which makes up 1% of all accidental deaths. It is possible that an individual may sustain significant internal damage resulting from electric shock that goes unnoticed. Make sure to have a thorough medical examination, regardless of how minor your burns may be. Depending on the voltage of the current that entered your body, you may have a serious injury. To find out if you have a case contact a New York electric shock injury lawyer from our law offices today.

Electric shock can cause:

The situations where you may experience electrical shock include:

Contact an Electric Shock Attorney If You Have Been Injured

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Contact an experienced New York electric shock injury attorney if you have suffered from an electric shock as soon as possible following any incident. A New York electric shock injury lawyer from Fitzgerald & Fitzgerald Law Firm can assist you in securing compensation for your injury and provide the support you need in this process. Contact us for a free consultation with an experienced New York injury lawyer.