New York Catastrophic Accident Attorney

Catastrophic Injury Lawyer

Unlike typical injuries that leave someone with a broken bone or cuts and bruises, catastrophic injuries often involve the brain or spinal cord and have lifelong effects. These devastating injuries can require a lifetime worth of medical attention, therapy, and pain to those who suffer from them. The debilitating affects can also cause the victim to suffer emotionally and psychologically as well as their families.

In New York, a common cause of catastrophic injuries is a motor vehicle accident. Brain and spinal injuries, serious burns, amputations and eye injuries are considered to be part of this category of personal injury. Once a catastrophic injury victim gets released from the hospital by a doctor, they often require in-home medical attention and various types of therapy for years.

The cost of long-term medical care for victims of a catastrophic injury can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, putting a major financial burden on the victims and their families. New York catastrophic accident attorney John E. Fitzgerald has helped countless catastrophic injury victims and their families and has nationwide recognition for his success in these cases. If you or a loved one has suffered from a catastrophic injury please call now for a free case evaluation.

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