New York Bus Accident Lawyer

Attorney for Bus Accidents in New York

Our city is known for its great public transportation systems and not-so-great traffic. 10% of New Yorkers take a bus to work and numerous children ride the bus to school. While these vehicles are rarely involved in crashes, when they are, the results can be very dangerous. Throughout the nation every year, around 15,000 people are involved in bus crashes, leaving 300 dead.

Because busses are "common carriers," they have a high legal responsibility to passengers. Busses are expected to get passengers to their destinations safely and reliably. If you or a loved one has been injured in a bus crash, contact a New York bus accident lawyer, as you may be entitled to damages for:

Whether the bus was a school bus, a public bus or a private bus, the operators are liable for passenger injuries. Contact Fitzgerald & Fitzgerald, P.C., today to speak with an experienced New York bus accident lawyer. In our free initial consultation, we can evaluate your case and recommend a winning course of action.

We Have Years of Experienced With Bus Accident Cases

Our law firm has years of experience providing victims of these accidents with the representation only available from a top New York accident lawyer. As a result, we know what it takes to win a bus accident case. A New York bus accident attorney from our firm will thoroughly investigate your case, find the guilty party and aggressively seek compensation for your losses.